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Let's just kick this off with a prime example of the kind of shenanigans I'm talking about. Take this monstrosity of a picture, for instance.

We've covered the topic of this feminine mullet before, and even alighted on the subject of just how utterly wrong and bad this mock turtleneck/long gold chain combo is, but what we haven't addressed is the question of WHAT POSSESSED TRENT TO FUCKING WEAR THIS BULLSHIT? I'm sorry, people, but that is a question I cannot answer. I was totally a child of the 80's and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this look has NEVER been cool.

The thing is? While our man Trent has certainly had his moments in the sun -- moments of being fucking cool as hell and yet SMOKIN' HOT at the same time -- close observers of all things Reznor may have noticed that he has also, as is clearly illustrated to the left of this text, had his moments of looking like a total, and I mean total, jackass.


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